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Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Brand Name:
Texoga DetoStop
Mesh 1:
160 mm up to 205 mm
Mesh 2:
205 mm up to 265 mm
ball diameter 35 mm
costum made
Packaging & Delivery
Delivery Time
3 weeks after order and down payment


Prevents fuel and gas explosive combustion
Suppresses excessive fire and heating
Protects persons, crew and equipment

What is DetoStop ? :

  • Is a stable and long living free of maintenance mesh to fill fuel and gas containers of all kind
  • Is adaptable to any shape of container, pipeline or canal system
  • Is manufactured in the form of mesh rolls, mesh shapes or mesh balls for application
  • Meets the highest standards of NATO for any security application to prevent any kind of fuel or gaseous explosion
  • The high thermal conductivity alloy physically acts as a heat sink
  • The mesh design separates hot gaseous mixtures instantaneously to small volumes which extinguish any
  • flame or explosive process
  • The mesh acts as a physical barrier to any traveling flame or explosive front
  • Prevents the detonation or explosion of inflammable liquids or gases in any container, pipeline or canal of any shape
  • Limits and delays any spread of fire 
  • Is very cost-effective and may be installed during production or during a retrofit action
  • Shows a very long lifetime with no loss of any of its features
  • Offers permanent safety and protection 
  • Is not using any chemical or mechanical effect
  • No significant negative effect on the flow rate of fuel (max. 30% reduction)
  • Reduces the evaporation of fuel by 60% at 100°F (37.8°C) and therefore secures and saves fuel in particular under hot climate conditions
  • Is lightweight (30 - 45 g/liter)
  • Is indifferent to all chemical compounds of liquid or gaseous fuel
  • Supports the stability of self-sealing inner liners in fuel tanks or pipelines or other ducts
  • Does not affect the physical, chemical or mechanical properties of gas or fuel or of a fuel tank or of any pipeline
  • Completely fills all of the available tank or container space and reduces the swash effect by 80 %
  • Reduces or prevents the need for tank swash plates, baffle plates or foam